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  07.06.2014 The start of construction of the plant Ak Kamys.

17.09.2013 Innovation patent
Innovation patent

08.08.2013 Price Index

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Таушова Диана , 15.05.2013 14:56 Рейтинг: 2
Good afternoon! I have been watching for the development of this project for six months! This project is very interesting and attractive. Its relevance lies in the fact that biofuels are a renewable, which means long-term source of energy that has endless potential. Moreover, alternative energy and clean technology have been actively developed in connection with the increase in oil prices. Today the "planet" concerned environmental problems and issues - the world is confronted with the problem of global warming, which requires to pay attention to the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The combustion of biofuels does not pollute the environment because it reduces harmful emissions and avoid the undesirable consequence of burning coal. Moreover, the production of biofuels help solve the problems associated with disposal of waste. This means that there are real prospects of solving a very important issue for all of humanity. It should also be noted that the scope of this raw material is not limited to the energy balance, but also used for transport. As a member of the Kyoto Protocol, the Republic of Kazakhstan should be fully focused on the creation of a low carbon economy and to implement programs for energy efficiency and promote energy conservation and renewable energy. «Ak kamys» has a promising future in the realization of one of the programs. Speaking about the project, but rather on the need to implement it, it would be appropriate to note that the production and export of biofuels will be interesting for the EU, as the EU imposes restrictions on the use of crops for biofuels. As noted by experts, these drastic measures were taken in response to the deterioration of food grains due to the low yield. As for the Republic of Kazakhstan, in our country at the moment do not specifically grow and to breed "fuel" crops, when you can use self-replicating natural material (cane). Now the main support for our agriculture lies in the yellow basket, but in a green basket, on the implementation of programs of increasing domestic demand for agricultural products, in Kazakhstan there is little projects, and the government has few proposals to expand them. The production of biofuels will be the good possibility of increasing domestic demand within the "green bascket". In addition, in the case of entry into the WTO, increasing domestic demand in the "green box", would not be subject to the restrictions WTO. In this regard, the governments of many countries support biofuels - is a legal way of subsidies and support their agriculture. I am truly convinced that biofuels are really nessesery not because the oil has come to an end, but because we have enough other type of unrealized but useful raw materials. Considering that the price of gas and oil are rising, biofuel production will be attractive to local consumers themselves, in the case of WTO accession is doubly so as Kazakhstan will have to bring the price of natural gas according to european. Regarding human resources, I would like to note that the construction of the plant and the realization of production will increase workplaces, and this production can lead to the emergence of new professions and specialties. With the implementation of the project a lot of questions will be appeared. The production of biofuels is not only the chemical-technical sphere, but also affect the areas of investment, logistics, labor and migratory nature, and this is not a complete list. However, taking into account the work of preparing and executing commands, it can be said that the project has a promising future. At the end of my commentary, I want to wish good luck and prosperity

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