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  07.06.2014 The start of construction of the plant Ak Kamys.

17.09.2013 Innovation patent
Innovation patent

08.08.2013 Price Index

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The VI AstanaEconomic Forumends in Astan a


     The VI Astana Economic Forumends in Astana

The Astana Economic Forum represents an excellent opportunity to reveal projects and demonstrate them to all interested parties, both to Kazakhstani people and representatives of foreign delegations.

This forum was a fruitful event for the Project “Ak Kamys” which was remembered as very promising due to its specific character. During three days this project attracted attention of tens of interested delegations, in particular, those from Estonia (company "Janere" and the company "CMI"), Finland ( company "TWINSPARK consulting"), Spain ( company "Ebiz Guidez"), Canada (company "The Great Explorers") and Russia (company "AironFix").

The forum is multi-aspect and multi-functional by its nature. It has attracted a huge number of politicians. The forum was attended by heads of foreign states and governments, representatives and leaders of different organizations, moreover, the forum was also attended by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev, theformer President of Poland A.Kwaśniewski, the former President of the USA Bill Clinton, politicians D.N. Nazarbayeva, R.I. Otunbayeva, UN representatives which underlines the scale and relevance of this forum.

         The Project “Ak Kamys” is very timely as it is aimed at production of biofuel by means of reed processing and its export to European countries.  This project drew not only investors’ attention, but also mass media. Such national channels as Kazakh TV, 7 and Kazakhstanshowed their interest in the project, interviewed Temirali Ayan, the General Director of the Project “Ak Kamys”. The interview revealed the essence of the project and its implementation plan.  The Chairman of the Board of Directors of NATD JSC, the president of the University of International Business K.A.Sagadiyev, the Deputy of the Majilis A.S.Bekenov, the Deputy of the Majilis T.F.Ergaliev, the advisor of the Chairman of Bank RBK JSC M.Beidali the Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan G.A.Marchenko, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Eurasian Bank S.S. Yermekbayev demonstrated their active interest and carried out a business discussion concerning implementation of this project.

You can visit our web-site and see the photos of the VI Astana Economic Forum at:


                                                                                                                                             Diana Taushova, Astana, May 24 


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