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  07.06.2014 The start of construction of the plant Ak Kamys.

17.09.2013 Innovation patent
Innovation patent

08.08.2013 Price Index

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The Land which is glorified by its craftsmen


The Land which is glorified by its craftsmen

Great number of people gathered in front of one of the most beautiful building of Atyrau, the main cultural center - drama theatre named after Makhambet. As it turned out these were inhabitants and visitors of the city arrived to celebrate Culture Day of Kurmangazy district that was held in regional centre. Spectators, informed about this event in advance, came before appointed time and have admired the exhibition placed in spacious foyer.

A group of people under the direction of the regional akim Baktygozhi Izmukhambetov arrived to exhibition at 14:30. Rakymzhan Otarbayev – our fellow-citizen writer and dramatist, Kumar Temirtashev, Mellyat Sabyrova, Ramazan Erubayev, Kaiyrzhan Aliyev – deputies of the regional akim, administration and department managers, representatives of mass media, deputies of regional maslikhats worked in this region for many years and made a weighty contribution in its social and economic development were in the membership of this group. According to Kazakh tradition girls in national costumes received the guests with koumiss and baursaks.

The regional akim B.Izmukhambetov had been inquiring a private entrepreneur Ayan Temirali about the project of reed biofuel plant. He asked questions about the product quality, the process of biofuel generation, material that is used as raw material, and got specific answers on these questions.


Ganyushkin – Atyrau – Ganyushkin.



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