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  07.06.2014 The start of construction of the plant Ak Kamys.

17.09.2013 Innovation patent
Innovation patent

08.08.2013 Price Index

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          One of the most actual problems of XXI century is global warming which has a huge impact on climate change and which may cause material raising of the World's water level, dry weather in some regions that would have substantial influence on people and other species on Earth. Global warming is explained by strengthening of greenhouse gases concentration in atmosphere. Taking into account that problem, in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, at “Earth Summit” the United Nations approved the Framework Convention on Climate Change. This document covers the general principles and measures to fight climate change, which was signed by more than 180 countries. In addition to the said Convention, so called      Kyoto Protocol to cover the market tools to decrease the greenhouse gases emission was approved in 1997 in Kyoto.

СО2 emission can be decreased through using of the biological fuel to be an alternative to conventional fuels such, as  black coal, fuel-oil residual, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc.

So, in this regard, the Limited Liability Partnership “Ak Kamys” was established in 2009 to produce biological fuel to be made of reed.  

There is a plenty of reed in Kurmangazinsky Region, Atyrau Oblast.

List of works and tasks being performed by the Company during a 4-year period:

  1. Test samples of granular pellets are made of local reed at EcoEnergy Plant in the City of Pskov, Russian Federation.
  2. The said pellets have a Quality Certificate issued by SGS, St. Petersburg, which means that pellets correspond to the world quality standards.
  3. Ekman, a Sweden company, confirmed in its letter of intend that it would be engaged in full sale of our plant’s products.
  4. Business plan is implemented in accordance with UNIDO.
  5. Draft “Initial Estimate of the Environment Effect” (IEEE) is already developed and environment impact assessment is also duly received. Public hearings took place in Ganyushkino Village on 22/06/12.
  6. Feasibility Study (FS) and Ttechnical Specifications (TS) are developed by Portal Engineering LLP, St. Petersburg.
  7. Total square of the plant will be 10 ha. There is an official act. Cadastral number of the land plot is 04-063-027-143.
  8. Territory, where the reed to be mowed down is more than 25.000 ha.  There is an official act. Cadastral number of the land plot is 04-063-037-030.
  9. Agreement about the development of working daft with LP "LIGHTHouse Kazakhstan" was signed.  Mr. Gerardo Barrigon Perez was approved as a Chief maneger of the project.
  10. The Construction and Engineering Company "LIGHTHouse Kazakhstan" has performed all its obligations connected with the design documentation under the Contract being signed earlier, and started development of the Constuction Management Plan.

The plant start-up is scheduled for 2013 – 2014.

Best regards,

Ayan Temirali,

General director, Ak Kamys LLP



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